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Continuing Education Application

Please find the HUCOP Office of CPE's CE application packet.  To start the application process, please complete the two online forms (see links below) in order to obtain ACPE approved Continuing Pharmacy Education for your educational program(s) for pharmacists &/or pharmacy technicians

Application Instructions

 Once  you have completed the forms, please submit the application and LOA, Conflict of interest forms, as well as each speaker/presenter's  CV/Resume  to:


*** Please note that an application and COI forms MUST be completed for all speakers/presenters as well as by the adviser and/or mentor which in this instance is yourself***


The Speakers or Power Point SLIDES should follow the guidelines mentioned below.  For further details regarding Power Points, please refer to the attached checklist:

  •  Maximum of 45 slides per  1 hour (60 minutes) of CE credit

  •  The FIRST SLIDE includes title of presentation, and name, title, and academic/professional credentials of     the speaker

  •  The SECOND SLIDE includes disclosure. If no disclosure, state “Nothing to Disclose” in the second slide.

  •  The THIRD SLIDE should list the objectives.

  •  The FINAL SLIDE should include the “ CE ACCESS CODE” and instruction on how to claim CE Credit.       Refer  to the sample slide attached.

  •  REFERENCE SLIDE(s) - All references/citations should be consolidated on one or multiple slides EVEN if     referenced on individual slides. The placement of the reference slide(s) is left to the speaker's discretion   as long as it is not the: First, Second, Third or Final slide.


In addition to the above requirements, your Program Announcement/ FLYER/MARKETING MATERIAL -  should include the components outlined below.  For further guidance, please refer to the attached  Program Announcement template.

  •  Objectives,

  • Target Audience

  • Faculty member (Name, degree, and title/position)

  • Fees

  • Date of activity

  • Target audience (Pharmacist, Technician or Both)

  • Place of activity

  • Financial support/acknowledgement

  • Format (live, home study, both, etc.)


Anthea V. Francis, RPh

Coordinator, Office of Continuing Professional Education

Thanks for submitting!

Howard University College of Pharmacy

Annex III - Suite #118
2300 4th Street NW

Washington, DC 20059

202-806-4210 (office) or


Bisrat Hailemeskel, B.Pharm., MSc., Pharm.D., RPh.

Department of Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy Sciences
College of Pharmacy, Howard University
2300 4th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20059
Tel (202) 806-4214; Fax (202) 806-4478

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